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Rector’s Scholarship


Formal requirements

Rules of students’ benefits at the University of Warsaw – ordinance of the Rector of the University of Warsaw

If you started your studies at UW before academic year 2019/2020* you are eligible for the Scholarship, if you are:

  • Polish citizen;
  • foreign student admitted to the University
    • on equal terms with Polish citizen;
    • on a fee-paying basis by the Rector’s decision and started studies before academic year 2019/2020* and you:
      1. have a residence card with an annotation “access to labour market”,
      2. or have a Schengen Visa (type C),
      3. or have an individual country visa (type D) issued for work (CEL WYDANIA: 05-06) on the territory of the Republic of Poland

*therefore in academic year 2019/2020 are at least on the second year of studies.


Students who in academic year 2019/2020 are on first year of studies are eligible for Rector’s Scholarship with no additional requirements.

Who can get the Rector’s Scholarship?

Students that maintain continuity of studies and meet at least one of conditions below:

  • obtaining a high GPA during the preceding year,
  • having significant scientific achievements,
  • having significant artistic achievements,
  • having achievements in sport on a national and/or international level.

Only achievements completed in previous academic year will be taken into account. It means that when you are applying for the Scholarship for academic year 2019/2020 you can present achievements from academic year 201/2019 (from 1.10.2018 to 30.09.2019).

First Year of Undergraduate Programme Students:

Rector’s Scholarship can be given to first year students if they have been recruited by the University in the year of graduation from high school. Such students have to be laureates of International Science Olympiad or one of Polish science Olympiads.

First Year od Graduate Programmes Students:

Rector’s Scholarship can be given to first year students who started their studies at UW no later than 12 months after graduating form the first cycle programme.

Who cannot get the Rector’s Scholarship?

Rector’s Scholarship cannot be given:

  • to students who have a master’s degree,
  • to students who graduated from university (bachelor’s or master’s degree) and now are applying as 1st cycle students,
  • if from the beginning of their studies elapsed more than 3 years,
  • to students who have failed a year,
  • to students who resumed studies after being expelled from the University,
  • to students who failed to maintain continuity of studies.

How and when?

In order to apply for the Scholarship, each student needs to fill in an application in USOSweb, print it, sign it, and deliver it either to the Scholarship Commission or to the Students’ Office of your Faculty.

USOSweb -> Log in -> Common Section -> Applications -> fill in and follow the steps.

You have to enter your bank account number in USOS. Without it, you will not be able to register your application and receive the scholarship!

DEADLINE: not determined yet. Please check info on our website.

The deadline is for submitting the printed, signed application to Students’ Office or Scholarship Committee of your Faculty.

Who will get the Rector’s Scholarship?

According to rules of granting the Scholarship, the University of Warsaw rector sets a pencentage limit of students who can get the Scholarship. The number of students who may be granted the Scholarship cannot be higher than 10%. Rector’s decision regarding this matter will be announced on our website.


Should you have any further questions please contact us at oks@uw.edu.pl (in your message, please don’t forget to write your full name, student number, course and year of studies)

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